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Just when you think, “yep, it’s good”, you get an assignment telling you to reconsider your website. This is how it goes with marketing. Someone says something about your page, product, or service, and all of a sudden, you see how you may have missed the mark (a lot or just a little). In this case, the assignment was to evaluate the title and tagline of my blog. The tagline part of the assignment was easy, as after much research a couple of weeks ago, it turns out my theme does not present the tagline!
However, the title did need a little work. My impression, before the assignment, was that the blog URL should be included the in the title, so I removed my name and now the title is simply, Think Out Loud. It represents me. I like to think out loud. Happy I only missed the mark by a little!

This post is the second of series of posts that are part of the Blogging 101 course at WordPress Blogging University.