Target Your Customer
No, I did not skip Day 3! The assignment for Day 3 was to find and connect with other bloggers. This was a new experience for me, as I did not realize that the blogosphere is yet another social media network. Lesson learned, and I am looking forward to connecting with many more people going forward. It also made me aware of how many bloggers are out there, which is why the Day 4 lesson is so important.

One of the first things marketers do is define their goal(s) for whatever product or service they sell. Perhaps they want to sell a million units of their new Super Sudsy Soap, or originate 100 mortgage loans a month. Either way, they must know what they are striving to accomplish. A personal blog is no different; however, bloggers’ goals are to “sell” their thoughts and opinions. With the goals established, both businesses and bloggers then need to decide who is the ultimate customer/reader, i.e. the target audience.

…Bloggers’ goals are to “sell” their thoughts and opinions

With this framework in mind, my personal goals for Think Out Loud is to create a platform to practice my skills as a marketing professional and to showcase my writing. However, marketing is a broad topic and applies to all organizations, from the super big corporations to the one-person shops. It also has so many specializations, such as branding, social media, and research, just to name a few. I like to see and understand the whole picture; therefore, marketing for small-to-medium sized businesses is the most interesting to me. Additionally, due to my role as the President of my neighborhood association, I am also interested in how other associations engage with and market to their neighbors. Thus, my target audience is marketing professionals in those types of organizations. Now that I have established my target audience, I will need to use the analytics provided by to see how I am doing. It will take a little bit of time, but I am looking forward to it. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, part of the Day 4 assignment is to bring a new element to the post. My “something new” is that I used Canva to create the image above. I subscribed to Canva a while back, after listening to a lecture by Guy Kawasaki, so this was the perfect time to give try it. Pretty slick tool, and I can see that it will certainly come in handy going forward! I think my days of fighting with photo editing software may be over!

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