In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Terminal Time.”

Oh, a life without e-devices! As much as I love my gadgets, there are times when I long to be disconnected. Okay, so I say that, but will I actually turn them off of my own volition? I am guessing not. Which make this scenario intriguing. Will six hours be enough time for me to remember the joy of a life disconnected? I doubt it, but the experience may serve as a little reminder.

What? No Internet?What would I do? First, panic! Okay, okay, assuming there is not a dismal outcome as a result of my lack of connectivity, then hands down, top of the list…I would people-watch! It requires finding the perfect, or as perfect as possible given it is the airport, viewing spot – restaurant, bar, or cozy corner. Airports are like a cornucopia full of people of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The entertainment and educational value is immense. You may see a variety of fashions (good, bad, and downright questionable), ethnicities, ages (those on their first airplane ride to those on their last), socio-economic backgrounds, and more. I like to imagine their stories – where do they live, where are they going, who is related to who, what awaits them when they arrive, etc.

The art of real-time people-watching competes with technology. We forget to look up. Perhaps, people-watching should be considered exercise for the right-side of the brain. This is what I could tell my technology-steeped-tweenager; however, I’m not sure she would agree! Ah, well, then off to the bookstore we go, and hopefully, there is something of interest for her there. I have my fingers crossed it is something with some intellectual value. A mother can only hope!

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