Carla Gerardu-Low

Carla Gerardu-Low

Digital Marketer

I am a marketer with 10+ years of business leadership experience seeking a role in digital marketing management. My experience is unique; it is a combination of creative and analytical. I’ve held positions in marketing, product development, communications, operations, and sales. Industries include financial services (lending, insurance, and accounting), web services, and nonprofits.

I hold a certificate in digital marketing from UC Berkeley Extension, an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing from Brandman University, a BS in Accounting from Colorado State University.

I love the creative aspects of branding, digital marketing, product development, and event management. Still, I can’t shake my accountant roots, and I like data analysis and process improvement too. The last several years have allowed me to hone in on my interest in digital marketing. It’s the perfect combination of what I enjoy. I’m excited to bring my experience and customer-centric focus to a new company to help them innovate and grow. Let’s chat.

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