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This is a collection of digital marketing projects I have worked on recently.

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Oakland City Auditor

City of Oakland, Office of the City Auditor home page

Oakland’s City Auditor is an elected official and works for, and reports to, the residents of Oakland. The Auditor’s job is to monitor and provide oversight of all City activities. I created a brand strategy to clearly present its purpose to the public, updated its website, and defined its social media and communication strategies.

Redwood Heights Association

Redwood Heights Association home page

RHA is dedicated to substantially improving the quality of life for Oakland residents by hosting community events and spearheading capital improvement projects. I created its brand strategy, designed the website to support the community needs, and manage day-to-day website updates and communications.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Team Project 1

In this project, the group developed a marketing plan, then plot and built a website from the ground up, demonstrating our understanding of how websites help businesses reach their goals and serve as home base for marketing efforts.

Team Project 2

This project objective was to devise a loyalty program for a national brick-and-mortar business. Online competition has disrupted the market and made it increasingly challenging to reach and engage with customers. The goal was to get customers to return to the business’s physical location given these challenges.

Marketing Automation

In this assignment, tools were used to segment audiences, connect data from various systems, and create workflows to plan an automation. The objective is to plan lead nurture workflows that correspond to a customer journey.

Google Analytics

The objective of this assignment was to determine which elements of a Google Merchandise Store demo account’s marketing strategy are working and which need optimization.