This is my little place in the world where I can share our family history. Our stories span the globe – from Northern Europe to Indonesia to the United States. Like many people, when I started my research I didn’t know very much about my family’s history, but through the work of other dedicated genealogists, I have gathered a significant amount of information. The question then became, “How do I share this information with others?”

Genealogy trees tend to be abstract and involve a fair amount of guesswork to understand what was happening at that point in history. They don’t tell you who these people really are. Most people simply run through their family tree, say “cool”, and move on. As a casual genealogist, I am hoping to piece together the stories told over the years into a narrative that others can share. Who knows, it’s even possible that my stories tie into others’ stories, which would give both something new to share.

With the help of distant relatives in the Netherlands, other family members, and the Internet, I have gathered family histories going back to the mid-1500s. My side of the tree starts in the Netherlands, and most of the family are still reside there. Whereas, my husband’s family originated in England and settled in Massachusetts around the time of the Pilgrims and Puritans. There are over 2,900 people in my database today.

This is an on-again/off-again project. I work on it when I have time or have stumbled across something interesting. The biggest obstacle in this work is doing research in foreign languages. I can get by in Dutch, but Japanese, especially old Japanese has been exceptionally challenging.

Join me on this journey. Share your stories. Be sure to check out the family trees and photos below. Let’s pass on a little bit of history to future generations.

Family Trees on

For privacy reasons, I moved the family trees to There are four trees – Gerardu, van Bilsen, Low, and Sessions. You do not need a subscription to view the trees, but, if you don’t already have an account, you will need to create a guest account. If you still can’t see the trees, please contact me (be sure to include your Ancestry user name) and I will give you access.

Photo Albums

This is a collection of photos that I have compiled in my research; they are organized by Family Tree.

Have updates, corrections, or other information I should know? If so, please let me know via the Contact page.