I stumbled upon this awesome tool, StoryMap, to map journeys. It enabled me to take the research I have collected about my grandfather and present it in a sharable format.

The war in the Dutch East Indies was officially underway in early 1942. My grandfather, Johannes Hubertus Theodorus Gerardu (Opa) was a Sergeant in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (ML-KNIL). He was in charge of the kitchen at his base. My father, Servaas, (age 14), remembers Pappy (his father) stopping by the house to tell the family that his unit was moving inland toward Bandoeng (now Bandung). Below is the geographical story of his time as a POW during the Japanese occupation. He was a POW for three and a half very long years.

You can make your own free map at https://storymap.knightlab.com/.

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